Why Choose Solar PV

There has never been a better time to invest in a Solar PV installation.

There is enough energy generated from sunlight hitting the surface of the earth to power every home on the planet.

Whilst over the last few years energy prices have continued to rise, the cost of renewable energy technology has reduced significantly and is now commonplace in many homes, businesses and communities.

The solar technology has improved and the price dropped by around 65% over the last 5 years.

PV modules now offer warranties guaranteeing over 90% efficiency after 20 years. Renewable energy systems have not only caught up with, but have now surpassed traditional power systems. Requiring virtually no maintenance as there are no moving parts.

Our aim at SolaRey is to be able to offer a system for every requirement and budget. This is no longer an exclusive club of early technology pioneers but more an inclusive community of switched on people, aware of the choices they are making and the subsequent impact they are having. The risk of implementing these renewable systems has really now been abolished through years of testing and improvement.

SolaRey Energia provides high quality renewable energy installations, creating tailored investment opportunities.

A Solar PV installation can work alongside your grid connection and switch between the 2 when more power is needed.

Protect yourself against rising energy costs, reduce your electricity bills, heating bills and your carbon footprint.

Improve the future for everyone.

Nowhere are all these things more important than in Ibiza. The abundance of beautiful sunny days makes it almost criminal that we do not see Solar PV installs on roofs as standard.