How Solar Works

A Solar PV installation is easy to understand and virtually maintenance free.

The photovoltaic panel array absorbs the sunlight and converts the suns radiation into Direct Current (DC) electricity. The panels are wired together to form ‘strings’. The wires from these strings of panels then lead from the panel array to a wall mounted unit called an inverter. The inverter can be situated inside or outside the house. The inverter converts the DC electricity to AC electricity (Alternating Current) which then passes through the main distribution board before being used by the household supply to power your appliances.

Grid connected systems can export excess electricity to the grid and import electricity when more is required.

If you have a battery system installed excess electricity can instead be used to charge your battery for use during hours of darkness when the solar pv system is not producing electricity.

Your PV system can also be used to heat the water in your tank. A small device can be installed to divert any excess power to operate an immersion heater.

Please get in contact for more information on how a system can be set up to operate best for you or your business.

Protect yourself against rising energy costs, reduce your electricity bills, heating bills and your carbon footprint.