Air Source Heat Pumps.

Air source heat pumps provide low cost clean energy for all your hot water and heating requirements. They replace your gas or oil boiler and only require connections to electricity and water. They are incredibly efficient and typically convert 1kW of electricity into 3kW of heat energy.

Air source heat pumps are fitted outside of your house in an area with good air circulation. Whilst they range in size depending on your heating demands, most are the size of an air conditioning unit.

The heat extracted from the outside air is boosted to a higher temperature and then used to heat water in a tank. This water is then used to run a conventional central heating system either based on radiators or underfloor heating.

The outdoor unit –easy to install and can be situated discretely outside your home or in your garden. Upgrades freely available heat energy from the air and transfers it to your home to provide hot water and heating for radiators and / or underfloor heating.

The hot water cylinder – Provides your home with a continuous supply of hot water via a dedicated hot water cylinder – just like a standard boiler. These cylinders are specifically designed to integrate with the outdoor unit, however in some cases it can also work with your existing hot water cylinder.

Air source heat pumps are the renewable, low carbon alternative to traditional high carbon heating systems. This reliable, renewable heating technology delivers highly efficient, sustainable home heating and hot water all year round.

Requiring only a connection to water and electricity they work incredibly well when used as a system in conjunction with a Solar PV installation. Reducing running costs even further.

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